Develop an Always-On marketing engine to grow your business around the clock

always on marketing

Today’s cloud solution customer is different to those of just a few years ago: they're self-educating, risk averse, demanding, and highly connected through social channels. They undertake their own anonymous research, stay informed, and seek out Microsoft Partners with industry expertise for the business problem they are trying to solve.

Unsurprisingly, today’s buyers have more control over the sales process than ever before: 81% of buyers research online before making big purchases, and 65% of B2B buyers only engage a sales rep once they’ve already made a decision to purchase.

As a result, buyers control what they see and when they see it.

Traditional outbound marketing tactics fall short of the mark for the modern cloud customer, and solution providers are ‘going digital’ to improve the return on their marketing efforts. To meet the needs of these buyers, your acquisition strategy needs to provide value to your customers at each stage of their buying journey, and at all times. That’s where Always On Marketing comes in.

Here’s how an Always On Marketing strategy will help you grow your business across the four stages of the buyer journey:

  • Awareness 
    Use targeted content to generate awareness of your solution and incentivise consumers to engage with content that draws them down the sales funnel
  • Consideration
    Provide whitepapers, eBooks, and explainer videos that build on your awareness stage content and positions you as a solution to your prospects’ needs
  • Decision
    Send leads on nurturing journeys and provide content that provides tangible value, such as case studies, presentations and guidance apps to facilitate their decision to choose you
  • Post-sale
    Encourage customers to stay with you by providing after-sales support and content like how-to videos and industry updates.

If you’d like to find out more about how an Always On Marketing strategy can take your solution to the next level, chat to us.

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