Take your microsoft partner solution to the next level with our value proposition service


For Microsoft Partners, developing a compelling, industry-focused value proposition is key to breaking through an increasingly crowded marketplace.

90% of Microsoft Partners base their value proposition on these three elements:

  • Deep technical knowledge
  • Great people
  • Strong relationships with their clients

But if nine out of ten Partners base their value propositions on the same factors, your clients are bound to have a hard time differentiating you from the competition. 

For your value proposition to be unique and compelling, you need to find something your prospective clients can identify and connect with — whether that’s a unique industry solution, industry expertise or a speciality built around a particular technology.

Pipefuel has extensive experience with the Microsoft Partner network. Our team of Partner Marketing experts understand the complex and specialised arena in which Microsoft Partners operate, as well as the unique requirements and challenges their customers face. With our Value Proposition Service, you’ll get industry-leading advice that will give your marketing engine the fuel it needs to take your solution to the next level.

Our Value Proposition Service includes:

  • Research into your existing sales and marketing strategies and competitors

  • Target audience identification and development of buyer personas

  • Definition of  your service offering

  • Understanding the opportunity you’re facing

  • Developing a value proposition that is aligned to your business strategy

If you’d like to get started on creating a Value Proposition that sets you apart from the competition, book your value proposition consultation with us today.

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